About Midas

Midas Corporate & Industrial Clothing is a part of Midas Safety group and a leading manufacturer of work-wear garments with a diverse range of corporate, industrial and protective clothing, From standard work wear, to highly sophisticated high visibility, and flame-retardant garments ,we offer a one-stop manufacturing solution for an extensive work-wear range of both knitted & woven garments.

Product Range and Diversity
Midas Corporate & Industrial Clothing produces a diverse assortment of protective and corporate clothing, starting from simple aprons to highly sophisticated garments that meet the demands of the Industrial, and Corporate workplace.

Our garments provide the protection, good look, functionality, and comfort to end users for a wide variety of industries including automotive, forestry, construction, oil and gas (F-R & Standard industrial), medical, food processing, pharmaceuticals, electrical (F-R & Standard industrial), road safety, household, and many more.

Private Branding Specialist / Private Label manufacturing
Private Branding is the very foundation on which Midas has built its reputation from day one, and continues to do so today as a core component of our corporate strategy. Our forte is the ability to not only produce to customers' designs and specification but to customize garments design and material to suit customer needs

We can create personalized garment designs and using our extensive supplier base can develop, packaging accessories and material including hangtags, cartons and personalized manuals to increase our customers' market image and build their brand recognition.

Pillars of our Business Philosophy

  • Ethical Trading

    We apply fair trade practices among all stakeholders who in turn benefit fairly from the organization`s success.

  • Superior Customer Service

    We strive to exceed our customer`s expectations and constantly facilitate them towards business ease. This means offering outstanding products and services in timely manner at a competitive price.

  • Human Resource Development

    Our extensive training programs are vital to the "Promote From Within" culture of our organization. This has created a dynamic environment where all employees have a visible career path and opportunities to upgrade their respective skill sets.

  • Long term Relationships

    We believe in long term relationships with our business partners i.e. customers, suppliers and employees. This is a key factor which helps us to maintain a stable environment in our overall business.

  • Lean Operations

    We have a dedicated team constantly looking at process improvements through automation and ergonomics. In addition to improve sewing efficiencies, we also focus on eliminating waste in all support activities such as shipping, documentation, procurement etc.

Why Midas

  • Private Branding specialist
  • Flexible order size
  • Extremely diversified range of products
  • ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation
  • Conformance to Social and Environmental regulations
  • Dedicated production lines for key customers
  • Warehousing services for strategic customers
    • Dyed fabric and accessories stocks
    • Finished good stocks